5 Reasons Not To Sell by Owner

When it comes to selling a home, homeowners sometimes contemplate selling on their own. Just like major home repairs, accounting, and other tasks, it is possible to do it yourself but often the time, money, and end result may not match what an expert can offer. Technique, knowledge, and expertise are essential, particularly when it comes to selling such a high-priced item. The following are 5 reasons not to sell your own property that homeowners may want to consider.

Proper Pricing

Establishing the right price will mean the difference between your listing selling quickly or not selling at all. Many sellers make the mistake of referencing past values, the selling price of a neighboring property, or overpriced properties that are currently on the market to set their price. Incorrect pricing may lead to wasted time and a lower selling price when it eventually sells. Real estate agents understand changes in the real estate market and understand the complexities of setting prices. This comes into play not only when your house is initially listed but also as time passes and the seasons change.

Amount of Exposure

Realtors can expand the reach and exposure of your home to a larger pool of home buyers. Most buyers, particularly first time home buyers, use real estate professionals to assist them through the home buying process. For-sale-by-owner marketing options do not access the network of Realtors. The selling price is based on supply, demand, and time. By wasting time and minimizing exposure (the demand), the end result can be a significantly lower selling price.

Buyer Qualification Methods

Not all buyers are qualified. There are various aspects of an offer and pre-approval that should be analyzed, and it goes beyond price. Taking your property off the market for an unqualified buyer can cause you to lose time, miss out on other buyers, or leave your listing unfairly stigmatized. Listing agents can ensure you properly assess offers and limit your risk.

Creative Strategies

Deals sometimes stay together or fall apart over very miniscule things. There may be methods of keeping them together that sellers do not think of simply due to inexperience. Real estate agents gain a wealth of knowledge over time and frequently find alternate ways to bring buyers and sellers together or to accommodate problems.

Creating a Buffer Between Parties

Emotions come into play in almost all real estate transactions. It is expected given the enormity of the investment and the attachment that many homeowners have to their home. Real estate professionals act as a buffer between parties to maintain civility and communication. This is actually essential in most property transfers. Your Realtor can keep a clear head and advise you on matters while promoting your best interests.

Realtors help you price your home correctly for the current market, maximize your marketing, understand the qualification of buyers, find ways to bring deals together, maintain relationships, and facilitate successful closings. Homeowners who take the independent path to save money can be faced with lengthy market times, commit mistakes, and eventually not save as much money as they hoped. Just a few of the many reasons not to go it alone.

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